Why Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials?

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August 17, 2018
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Hoboken is one of the suburbs of New Jersey. It is located right across Manhattan, where famous waterfront overlooks it. One of its famous attractions include the views of Manhattan from the Piers and the waterfront walkway with its park. Also, the museum of Hoboken is located in the oldest building in this city and offers a glimpse of what the city looked like and did before mixes with the views of it today. While these may be great ways to boost tourism, they do not represent the best reasons why people would decide to live here and not somewhere else in or around Jersey City. Therefore, let’s take a look at why Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials.

In and around Hoboken, NJ

First and foremost, we need to mention that Millennials, just like other people adore New York and Manhattan. Millennials also, just like other people, are being rented out of New York and Manhattan due to the ongoing gentrification. Therefore, it would be safe to say that they are looking for alternatives to living in this famous city. We would not want our fellow citizens from Jersey City to feel offended by what we have just said. After all, the same has been going on in Jersey City as well. Big cities that have been pulling people to them in the past century are becoming ever more unaffordable to live in. This is what Millenials are going through at the moment. Many of them move out only to keep on dreaming of living in the Great Apple or Jersey.

The famous view of Manhattan from Hoboken Waterfront
The view of Manhattan will keep your dreams alive

Therefore, while they are moving out, they are not letting go of their dreams. However, when they move out they do realize that other places, that are not as big, have so much to offer. Sometimes, it turns out that those places offer a lot more than what eye can see at the first sight. That is the case with Hoboken, NJ.

Great location is one of the reasons why Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials

It may not be Manhattan. It does not need to be in Manhattan. How would you feel if you were able to afford your rent and spend your every day in New York? Great feeling right? Some would call it a dream come true. Well, this exactly what Hoboken offers you. Local moving companies NJ take part in moving the majority of people who decide to relocate here. Therefore, they get to hear that every day. Hoboken offers everyone, Millennials included, an opportunity to stay close to their perfect life. At the moment it may be in their minds, but the mind is where all great ideas come from.

Day in, day out Hoboken gives you an opportunity to look at amazing Manhattan from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed. It feeds your imagination. Plus, you can easily get there and then come back in the evening. And this is one of the main reasons why Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials.

Getting around is dope

Train station in Hoboken NJ
Getting in-out-and-about Hoboken is easy no matter how you do it

Bearing in mind that if you are a Millennial, you probably do not own a car. You either:

  • Do not want one
  • Do not need one
  • Can not afford it
  • Think cars are overrated, therefore you ride a bike

Wherever you fit in the above-mentioned options, the bottom line is the same: getting around Hoboken is very easy. Now and then you are going to have to go somewhere in Hoboken. The great news is that getting around this city has never been simpler. Hoboken is kinda small, but then again, it is not. Depending on where you are, you will probably be able to walk anywhere pretty quickly. The average commute in the city is about 30 minutes. Therefore, no matter whether you need to walk, bike or use public transport, you will quickly and easily get to where you want to be.

Pets are welcome in Hoboken

Pets have been playing a great part in the lives of Americans for a long time now. For generations have dogs helped our children learn how to walk. For generation have cats learned our kids to show affection and care for other beings. Pets are more than welcome in Hoboken. Plus, Hoboken movers know how to take a good care of them. Therefore, here you have another reason as to why it is the best suburb for Millennials.

Hipster paradise is one of the reasons why Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials

They have been taking over, alright. That has been going on and we get it. Some areas manage to defend themselves from them, while others do not. The thing is, no matter where they show up, positive stuff starts happening. It has been like that in Brooklyn. It is so in Hoboken. After all, hipsters are about music, culture, art and most of them appreciate great foodJust like everybody else, they have been rented out of NY boroughs. Luckily for locals, they have found their new home in Hoboken.

A person in a record store
If record stores are booming, hipsters have arrived to boost the local economy

Can you feel the local economy thriving? If you do, hipsters are playing a part in it. They are super local friendly patriots that will much rather spend money on local produce than on the cheaper one from far away. Given the fact that Hoboken offers a lot in these terms, you should not be surprised why Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials.

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