Things We Often Forget When Moving Home

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January 4, 2018
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Things We Often Forget When Moving Home

Moving home is a process with many different moving parts. That involves spinning a lot of plates and keeping a lot of balls in the air. Yes, it’s that complicated that we chose to use two metaphors to describe it!

It’s for this reason – and the significant amount of stress that you’re probably under – that it’s easy to forget or overlook a number of vital factors. Sometimes this can end up leading to serious problems down the line.

And for that reason, we’re going to look at some of the key things that often get overlooked and that you absolutely mustn’t forget when you move home. Read on!

The Cars

So, you’ve thought about how you’re going to move all the boxes and all your supplies… but have you thought about your vehicles? If you have two cars and you’re performing a self-move by using a rental van to transport your things, you now have a new challenge: getting your vehicles to the new property! This may involve making multiple trips to and from the new place. It can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t have access to it before the move and if you don’t have anywhere to park in the meantime.

There are lots of ways around this issue: getting a friend to drive, waking up early and getting the train back etc. But just make sure you think of this before the big moving day!


Likewise, you also need to think about parking outside your current property. In particular, you need to think about where your New Jersey Movers are going to park the truck while they will be loading your belongings. If you don’t have off-road parking, then this may mean it’s time for securing a temporary “No Parking” permits. Depending on your area, this can take a while so once again it’s very important that you act quickly. If you are moving within New Jersey State, the local parking authority is where you can call to obtain the permits.

What else do we forget when moving home?

Meter Readings

When you leave your old premises, you will need to give meter readings to your energy suppliers. This lets them know how much energy you used prior to leaving, which in turn lets them know how much they need to charge the next tenants. If you don’t get this reading, then you could get charged incorrectly for your final bill and/or have to travel back. So save yourself the trouble by remembering to write them down or take a photo!


As the moving date draws closer, it is a good idea to eat up all the food you have in storage. Otherwise, you’ll either have to carry these rather heavy, delicate and cumbersome items, or let them go to waste.

Don’t forget until the last day and then get encumbered. Start eating up all of your leftovers and the things in your cupboard a few weeks before the big move. You’ll make life much easier for yourself and waste a whole lot less food. You may also refer to some other things you shouldn’t bring with you when moving.

Post address

When you move home, you’ll likely get post sent to your old address for months and months afterward. It’s a pain for everyone involved but you can make it just a little easier on yourself by setting up a redirect and also making sure to update any subscriptions etc.

Your Bills and Documents

Likewise, you’ll need to change your address on all bills and documents. Some things that often get forgotten:

  • Driving license
  • Bank accounts
  • TV license
  • Mobile phone contract
  • Insurance
  • Tax

There are many best moving life hacks to consider when moving home and many more things that you might forget. However, if you can go through this list and tick each item off, at least you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re not missing any of the most commonly overlooked factors!

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