Things to Remember When You Arrive at Your New Home

December 15, 2017
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What are the things to remember at your new home?

Moving home is a highly exciting and rewarding process that many people will look forward to for a long time. Our home has probably the biggest impact on our lifestyle and happiness out of anything we own, and thus upgrading it is one of the best ways to upgrade our daily lives and to enjoy our regular days more.

But moving home is also highly stressful, very complicated and riddled with things that can go wrong. All this can take away from the potential fun and enjoyment of moving and that’s a big shame. Let’s take a look at things to remember at your new home.

Things to remember at your new home.

What to do when you arrive at new home?

The good news though is that at some point the time will come when you’ve actually finished the administrative and stressful part of local moving and you are now in your new home. Now all you have to do is to enjoy being on your new property and making the most of all this space.

But your work is not done yet. If you want to make the most of your new property then there are things to be done before all your stuff moves in that can help to make it look better and be more pleasant to live in. Furthermore, there are some things you should do right away once you are in, in order to enjoy being in your new home.

Read on and we’ll look at some of the first things you should do now in order to get the most from your new property.

1) Have a House Warming Party

There are two types of a housewarming party. One is the relatively mild dinner party where you invite guests round for a pleasant meal and some conversation. In such a scenario you will probably want to show off your home looking its best and thus you should wait until you’ve done some basic decorating of your own.

But on the other hand, if you want to have a big blowout and invite all of your friends, then your party should happen as soon as you’ve moved in. This way you can have everyone holding drinks and running around before you’ve painted and before you’re already worrying about the carpet.

2) Say Hello to the Neighbors

If you are going to do have a big party, then something you should actually do first is to go and introduce yourself to the neighbors and invite them to said party. Even if you aren’t having a big bash, saying hi to the neighbors is a good way to ensure that you will get on with them well and this will make your experience of living there more pleasant.

3) Do Admin Work

It’s no fun, but when you move home there’s a lot of administrative work to be done such as changing your address at the bank and telling all your friends you’ve moved home. The best thing to do is to get this over with quickly – especially if you need to set up things like broadband as this can take time. Set aside a day early on to work on these jobs and you’ll be getting the most from your home in no time.

4) Do Fresh Painting and Decorating

While all your things are still in boxes, now is the time to paint and decorate. This way you can move carpet before there is furniture in the rooms and you can paint walls before you need to worry about paint on your items. Invite friends round and make a day of it so that your home looks the best it can do right from the word go. You may also have some practical jobs to do as well such as checking/replacing the boiler. Again, it makes sense to do this sooner rather than later.

In fact, in an ideal world, you’d do your painting and decorating before you moved in. If you can stay with friends and keep your things in storage, or if you can have a bit of an overlap and keep two properties for a while… this way you can tear down walls and repaint, all while still living a normal life.

5) It Won’t Feel Like Home Just Yet

Sometimes it can feel a little scary when your local movers in New Jersey drive away and you’re left with an empty house and some boxes. You notice the cracks in the walls you didn’t see before. You notice that the living room isn’t quite as big as you thought it was.

In other words, you wonder if you’ve made a mistake. Don’t worry though: this is quite normal!

Once you move in, the harsh reality hits you. No longer are you seeing a property that is decorated as a home – you’re now seeing an empty room with the knowledge you paid thousands for it. It’s normal to feel nervous and even disappointed at this time. But don’t worry, once you’ve gone through the other items on this list and moved in your things, it will start to feel more like your own home!

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