Moving Home? 5 Best Moving Life Hacks

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December 26, 2017
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If you like a good challenge then you’ll love moving home. This is not only a physical challenge (heavy lifting) but also an emotional one and a logistical one.

Who am I kidding? Moving home is a nightmare! But fortunately, there are some clever things you can do to make it significantly easier. Here are some of the best.

5 Best Moving Life Hacks:

1. Pack Your Clothes Into Bin Liners

No wait, hear me out!

Bin liners are actually your secret weapon when it comes to moving home for numerous reasons. Firstly: they’re light. You can stuff a whole bunch of clothes into a bin liner and it will still be very easy to lift and throw around. Secondly, you can carry several at a time. And finally, because the clothes are soft and padded, you can stuff them easily into a full van and let them ‘squish’ around the other items, thereby also preventing said items from moving around in transit.

2. Carve a Side Hole Into Your Cardboard Boxes

Boxes can be tough to lift for all kinds of reasons. One of the most obvious challenges is getting a firm grip on them from underneath.

This is why it can be a good idea to carve a small hole for one or several fingers on the side of a box. Of course this only works for your sturdier, corrugated boxes; or plastic ones. But for those scenarios, it’s a very useful tip indeed.

Better yet, make a proper handle and then fold some of the card back on itself.

3. Clingfilm

Clingfilm can be your secret weapon! Wrap it around your drawers for instance and it will hold them in, preventing you from needing to transport them each individually. Likewise, you can wrap clingfilm around the tops of boxes to keep the items inside, or to keep the lids on firmly.

4. Spread the Books

If you want an example of a ‘rookie mistake’ when it comes to moving home, consider the tendency that lots of people have to place their books all inside a single box. You just made yourself an incredibly heavy box that is very likely to fall through.

Instead, take all your books and spread them out across the bottoms of all your other boxes. Now they’ll serve as a sturdy base for those boxes and prevent items from digging or bursting through the bottom. At the same time though, it also means that you won’t have any single box that is 99% books and which is going to be incredibly heavy.

5. Use Your Camera

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to moving home is remembering where all the wires went in the back of your TV and cable TV box. The same goes for intricately assembled flat-pack furniture or arrangements of ornaments that you have ‘just so’.

If you want to reassemble something at the other end and have it look exactly as it did in your last place, then you can do this by using your camera in order to take shots of those things before you leave. You can even take items apart one piece at a time and take photos of each stage. Then simply reverse the order and you have a number of photos that will outline sequential steps for assembly!

As you can see then, just a little thought as you go about each step can make the process of moving significantly easier. Other tips, like having a single room set aside to keep your packed boxes, can also help a lot.

But the best tip of all? Using professional New Jersey movers. They are the pros after all!!

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