Most common moving injuries you should avoid

September 12, 2018
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Physicality represents a large part of the moving process. Obviously, every physical activity draws the possibility of injuries for any one person. In case that you will be moving without the help from professional movers, you should do all in your powers in order to limit the possibility of injuries. Still, bear in mind that injuries do occur in the moving process, as Vector Movers NJ knows from experience. In order for them not to become part of your reality, follow the advises that we have prepared for you. They will help you stay safe when the threat of injury is lingering. Therefore, these are the most common moving injuries. together with them, we have prepared advises on how you can avoid them.

Still, let us tell you that the best way to stay safe is to have the stress-free move. By this, we would like to suggest that you contract a professional moving company for help.

What injuries to expect when preparing for the move

There are some signature injuries that occur when people are moving. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Strained back
  • Injuries to fingers and toes
  • Cuts
  • Injuries to knees
  • Sprained ankles

Strained back

A doctor examining the spine - one of the most common moving injuries.
You may suffer back pain in case that you are doing a DIY move

Strained back represents one of the absolutely most common moving injuries that you are going to encounter. It should come as no surprise after all. With so many heavy items that need lifting, moving and putting down, your backs are going to suffer. When people decide to hire a moving company to help them relocate, they mostly do it because they are not able to move their possessions themselves. Sometimes, even those who are able to move their belongings decide that the job is too difficult and too demanding for them.

This is especially true when there are some of the larger items that require moving. If you have such items, give your back some breathing room. Spare them, for you are going to need them in the future. If there are large musical instruments that you need to move, we would suggest contacting piano moving services to help you.

In order to save your back from breaking when you need to execute a DIY move, our advice is to lift large and heavy items properly. Learning proper lifting techniques will come in handy in this case. Also, taking part in functional training before the moving starts is surely a good way to prepare for the move. The bottom line when lifting heavy items should be the following: do not lift anything that you do not feel comfortable lifting. You may not feel comfortable lifting it due to its weight or due to its shape. Either way, get help to stay safe.

Injuries to fingers and toes are among the most common moving injuries

Image of a hand holding a concrete block
Fingertips and toes can suffer great damage when executing a move

A couple of more parts of your body are going to suffer your if you decide to move by yourself. Toes and fingers are among the most common parts of a human body to be injured in the moving process.

Just imagine carrying a large sofa or a double bed. First of all, you are going to require enough grip on your fingertips in order to lift the item. Then, you are going to have to carry it throughout the apartment and sometimes down more than a couple flight of stairs. All these times, you are going to have to hold the item with your fingers and move with your feet. Given the fact that you will not be able to see much in front of you, your toes can take the bulk of the damage that you are going to suffer while moving.

In order to protect yourself from such damage, you should wear protective clothes and shoes. In this particular case, you are going to need gloves on your hands and heavy-duty shoes on your feet. Gloves will enable you to get the better grip on the furniture or boxes that you will be moving. Heavy-duty shoes, more often than not with the reinforced protection for the toes will ensure that it is not the toes that suffer damage should you stumble upon something, but that item itself. Therefore, either invest in protection or in furniture movers.

Most common moving injuries: cuts

Cuts and bruises are going to be common when you move. There is not much you can do about them. When it comes to cuts, feel free to, once again, wear protection. Long sleeves and trousers should do. Regarding bruises, well, you will have to be careful.

Protect your knees now in order to use them when you’re older

Knees can probably suffer as much damage when moving as your back. Therefore, do all that you can in order to protect them. The bad news? There is not much that you can do in order to save them. Still, you can do the same things as you would for your back. Execute controlled and steady moves. Right lifting techniques help as well. Nevertheless, if you can obtain a trolly for the day of your move, that would be the best. Instead of carrying put your items onto a trolly and push them around.

Ankles are the last on our list of the most common moving injuries

Image of legs of a man walking
Take care of your ankles and do not sprain them

No surprise right? If you had thought that we have forgotten about ankles, think again. Most common moving injuries include sprained ankles as well. After all, why would it not? I mean, make one wrong step and down you go.

Therefore, make sure that the path that you are going to be using in order to move your items is clear. You do not want to trip on your way. Also, wear those heavy-duty shoes. They will keep your ankles steady and support them. Get the move done without getting injured if you can!

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