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October 19, 2018
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We always talk about how moving is a difficult and challenging process. And when you need to overcome such a challenge, what works best is a proper plan of action. However, before you start working on your plan of relocation, you first have to establish a time frame. In other words, you need to determine the time your move will take to execute, from start to end. Once you do that, you’ll be all set to plan out your moving experience. So, let’s get into it.

Four stopwatches with Time Management written below.
Time management for each moving task is the perfect way to secure a time-efficient relocation.

How long does it take to get moving assistance?

So, you know where it is that you want to move. Your first task should be to procure professional residential moving services NJ. Why? Simple – because by doing so, you will avoid having to deal with the burden of a full-scale move. And as a result, you will be able to focus on other, more important parts of the relocation. However, it can take time to find the right movers for the job. The question is – how much time?

The quest of locating the right moving company NJ to help you can take up to a week unless you already have a recommendation from someone you trust. If this is not the case, you have to prepare for the following steps of your search:

  1. Identify experienced and verified moving companies in your area
  2. Check out their reviews and licenses
  3. Get moving quotes NJ from the moving companies you come across
  4. Contact your top three choice and inquire about the time your move will take with their services
  5. Arrange for an in-home estimate and take the chance to further discuss the details of the move
  6. Cross-compare the offers you received and opt for one of them.

All this can take up a lot of your time, so the sooner you start, the better off you will be. And this is a process that you should start with 6-8 weeks prior to your move. And for those of you that are interested in the aspect of DIY moving, it will still take about a week to find the right moving truck to rent.

Next step – determine the time your move will take to prepare

Organizing your move is no walk in the park. This, of course, depends on the volume of belongings that you have to work with. However, even the smallest of moves (condo/apartment) can take several days to get together. Just consider all the paperwork that you have to put together (especially for a long distance move):

  • personal documentation,
  • financial records,
  • medical records for yourself, your family and any pets you might have
  • changing your address with USPS
  • changing your driver’s license and obtaining a new registration for your car etc.

These are all small tasks that, when put together, take up weeks of times and waiting in lines. So, it is correct to assume that this adds another couple of weeks to the time your move will take.

Decluttering your home is yet another chore

We all know just how much of a time waste packing can be, so why not lighten the load? Take a day or two to sort through the belongings that you own and those that you no longer have use for. Once you have all these piles of extra belongings, you can get down to decluttering and cleaning the house. You can sell it, gift it, or donate it – it’s really up to you, just so long as it saves you time later on. The good thing about this step is that you will also have a detailed (perhaps even written) insight/inventory into your property. Hence, when moving day comes, it will be easier to keep track so that nothing gets left behind.

Emptying your garage/storage can helpreduce the time your move will take.
If you want to save time while moving, decluttering your home is a must.

Remember that the time your move will take will also be influenced by the time it takes you to put together a yard sale or donation kit.

How long does it take to pack a house for moving?

Packing is not a task that you can afford (nor want) to rush. It has to be performed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Now, you can once again rely on your choice of professional movers. Packing services are often included in the concept of a full-scale relocation.

However, if you are looking to save money or simply prefer to do your own packing, you better make sure that you leave yourself enough time. Otherwise, you risk damage to your valuables, and nobody wants that. Now, you can do one of two things when you pack on your own:

  1. either spend a couple of hours each day doing so or
  2. leave it all for the 2-3 days before the actual move.

How much time will the actual packing take?

Empty cardboard box for packing items
Packing can greatly influence the time your move will take.

Just consider that if you’re packing your items yourself, you are going to need about:

  • 12-16 hours to pack a studio or one-bedroom apartment;
  • 25-30 hours to pack a two-bedroom house or apartment;
  • 40 hours to pack a typical three-bedroom home;
  • 50-55 hours to pack a four-bedroom house.

Bear in mind that clutter areas of your home such as a garage, attic, basement etc. will take double the time to pack. Then again, if you were to take the earlier advice on decluttering, this won’t be too much of an issue. If not, make sure to start from those areas of your home first. The amount of time your move will take might very well depend on this.

On the other hand, if you’ve hired professional packers to do the job for you, they will complete the task in about:

  • 2-3 hours – for a studio or one-bedroom apartment;
  • 3-4 hours – for a two-bedroom house or apartment;
  • 6 hours – for a three-bedroom home;
  • 8 hours – for a four-bedroom house.
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How long does it take to load a moving truck?

Final obstacle and you are as good as new-home-free. Loading the moving truck will depend on several factors. For starters, whether you’ve opted for professional assistance, in which case it will take less. To continue, consider the number of stairs there are, as well as any narrow hallways or doorways. All these factors can delay the loading process, which ultimately prolongs the entire moving process. So, you have to plan for it all.

However, if you’re well prepared and no unforeseen obstacles occur, a team of four professional movers will load the moving truck in about:

  • 2 hours – when moving a studio or one-bedroom apartment;
  • 3 hours – when moving a two-bedroom home;
  • 4-5 hours – when moving a three-bedroom home;
  • 6 hours – when moving a four-bedroom house.

To conclude our time-estimate story

All in all, the time your move will take can vary due to countless factors. However, the sooner you begin preparing for it, the less stressful it will turn out. Make sure to take everything into consideration and leave nothing to chance. As long as you do, it will be smooth sailing.

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